Thursday, January 26, 2006


I think that the idea of using many things as media has evolved alot. For example the example of the death america that many things are used as media. For example the grass that is used as part of the project. In the artwork, he used even people and mirrors as media


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Blogger Amey said...

Dude, you suck.

1:38 AM

Blogger Ann said...

Daniel - watching your presentation about the dangers of bots. It occurred to me that the damage has in large part has already occurred. It seems the efficiency of bots has taught people at the top to surrender (some without noticing, others gleefully) their humanity and humane values and the excuse is data (+ stockholders) while the working folks have surrendered their humanity to a work situation that is inhumane while they trade wants (bigger house, more stuff) for human needs (love, family, nature, etc). they become the nation of slaves stuck in the horrible place of having what they see as "quality of life" totally stripped if they don't work at inhumane pace. It's already done. And the third world person is being suckered in with the belief that they will succeed if they have what's on tv or the internet. My question is Who Taught Who? How much subtle energy is coming off electric instruments that we aren't aware of. Is there a "being" or "collective" that knows how to manipulate that subtle energy? We are destroying our planet and ourselves - alone or with help? Hope you'll read this and reply. Thanks, Ann

10:18 AM


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