Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The beginning of the journey begins in the parking lot of the Arlington Cementery
The first thing I saw were these buses that give group tours.
Architectural building in the cementery
Great service for the handicapped people. 40 % of the spaces were for handicapped.
Well, at least they are mentioning it.
Information desk. This helps to get information about all of the events.
Tourism in a cementery????
Patriotism. People who are willing to fight and die for their country
I was not able to see a live military ritual unfortanetely (or fortunately), but I could take a picture of a picture of it
Alot of security in the place. Many securiy guard. I ask if I could take a picture and they said: "NO"
Very clean bathrooms. Also the cementery system also provides jobs for some people
Here you can locate all of the places where you wanna go.
Again patriotism someone who actually died deffending his country. Very brave!!
Somebodie's wife, somebodie's mother, somebodie's daughter
I see this as an almost perfect symetry. It's incredible to think that the bodies of thousands of people are in there.

Respect and Silence two of the most important words for a cementary.
The Flame that reminds the life of Thomas Jefferson, as one of the most important presindents in the history of the United States

Thomas Jefferson. Good memories.
Nice view of the city from this point.
Alot of Hierarchi and variaty. This was officer Sanchez. He had two stars

Something that looks like the Washington Memorial. Some feelings come to mind


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