Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Walk! mid-term

I will first start talking about the artwork and explain it before running to any conclusions. First of all Walk was created by Motomichi Nakamura. Most of Nakamura’s work deal with violence and humanity, putting them together in a series of animations. The peace of work that I am presenting today is titled Walk. Walk is about the different feelings and fears people have when they are having a nightmare. This illusion is created by four loops of animations in which there is a faceless character that represents the fear that people experience in a nightmare.
These four loops of animation represent the different angles that a person has in a nightmare. It also represents the irrational side of most nightmares. Nakamura shows these effects by having four different windows and in each one there is a faceless character. In the first window this character is very close and to me represents the persistent part of a nightmare. The other windows are represented by the same character who walks from far away getting closer and closer every time. In these windows the faceless character is being shot and as in nightmares instead of dying something irrational happens, the character is multiplies.
I think this artwork is in a way a combination of the five characteristics that Multimedia has: Integration, Interactivity, Hypermedia, Immersion, Narrativity.
First of all Nakamura used the computer, a tool of technology to create this art of work. He uses color animation sound and image, different kind of media to integrate it all into this.
Although the user cannot alter or change the artwork I still think there is some kind of interactivity. The only thing the user can do to alter this artwork is to close different windows and have a different perspective, but I think that the main interactivity is the one that the user is able to feel as one was part of the nightmare experiencing the telepresence.
There is also a connection between the three windows that creates hypermedia because one window is supported by the other one to create the illusion. All of those windows are separated windows that combine in one whole single animation.
I think that of all the characteristics Immersion would be the one that defines this work the most. I give a lot of credit to Nakamura for making this three dimensional effect in his work not only visually but also in the sense that you feel part of the nightmare, as if it was my nightmare.
The last thing here is the narrativity that unifies all of the other characteristics. This artwork is a non linear. I don’t know if I could call it narration because there is not a story but it is showing something.


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